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We are committed to offering best quality products and services that satisfies the needs of our clients.


Production of Premium quality and well packaged nylon and polyethene products, ranging from small, medium and large shopping bags, waste bin bags to industrial packing and cash bags for banks and much more. 

Real Estate

Best quality and affordable houses for the public in the suburbs of Ogun state

We ensure to promptly recycle waste from our polythene and nylon products and this will help to protect the society and allow us to recuse for extra production


Perfection group has an arm with specialty in the crop farming at Ogun state over several acres of land. This is to address food shortages and grant access to proper feeding culture.

Management & Financial Consulting

At our Consulting professional arm, we offer Tax Consultancy, Financial and Budget Planning, Procurement and Logistics, Costing and Management services.


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